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Guest Blog By Faith Rector

Let me explain…

I hate… I hate Fort Bragg. But you can’t hate something without loving it. Fort Bragg was a lot of things for my family, a stress zone, the place I met my husband, the catalyst for my education, the start of my career. I moved from there twice with the intent on never EVER GOING BACK but lately, I am kind of missing it. I do not want to move back but realized the other day, it has been a place that I have called home. I had good times there, I made friends there. It has made up a big part of my life… It is home. It is one of the places I can call home, and I actually do miss it. I miss the times, the people, the BBQ, the military celebrations, the scandals, and just the area. I miss North Carolina. I cannot believe all of this, but I think as a military spouse we often think these are duty stations. But you know what—they are also places we have called home. Fort Bragg is the birthplace of my marriage and my son. It is interwoven in my story. It is an undeniable part of our history and I do miss it.


Faith Rector has been an Army wife for 13 years and currently works for the U.S. Army as an administrative assistant. Her husband is a senior enlisted military policeman and they have two amazing children, a 16-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son. Their four-legged family consists of three dogs and a beta fish. Faith has always firmly believed her home has been wherever her heart was, and her heart has always been with her family.

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