U.S. Army Pvt. Harold Taylor, and Spc. Jo England, communications operators, 1st Battalion 157th Infantry Regiment, Colorado Army National Guard serve food to the guests at the Denver Rescue Mission, Denver, April 20, 2020. Members of the Colorado National Guard are serving in a multitude of roles at the direction of the governor to serve state and local authorities and to help the community combat the Corona Virus Pandemic. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Senior Master Sgt. John Rohrer)

There is a lot of great leadership and teamwork going on in the U.S. during this pandemic. My article on what Reserve and National Guard units are doing to help the homeless in Colorado highlights how the military serves in humanitarian missions during crisis: https://reservenationalguard.com/reserve-guard-news/colorado-soldiers-aid-homeless-as-part-of-covid-19-mission/?fbclid=IwAR17amyNuHQvn3TJ92Aa9oroU-2w6F1wHkcEO8FYzAC5H6PdbXbeb_8H8uk


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