Published Work: “Mental health: A war veteran’s message of hope”

From right: Spc. Christopher J. Blevins with his gunner, linguist and buddy. They were a personal security detail for their commanders, responsible for a variety of missions from police training, meeting with local elders to foster better relationships, route security, convoy security and special reaction in Baghdad, Iraq 2009. Courtesy photo.

Published by Ameriforce Media, Military Families Magazine, Sept 12, 2019:

“Former Spc. Chris Blevins, war veteran, has a message for other veterans, military members and families struggling with mental health issues, especially suicide: There is hope.

Blevins’ 14 years of service as an Army military policeman included a tour in Afghanistan from 2006 to 2007 and Iraq in 2009. He thought of his job as rewarding, but Blevins details how a series of traumatic events and setbacks sent him down a path of depression, alcohol and prescription drug abuse, to a moment he thought his only solution was suicide.”

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