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Battle buddies

Battle buddies

And if you think anyone might need a battle buddy right now, don’t wait for them to call. Reach out and check to see how they are doing.

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Published Work: DOD report: Military equipment focus now on modernization

My latest article is a quick read featuring the push for modernization in all gear-ranging from pistols and trucks, to space electromagnetic warfare capabilities.

Published Work: 10 financial considerations before leaving the military

A former soldier who works as a financial advisor gives great advice and recommends military spouses be an active part of military transition planning:

Published Work: Former prison now inspires service members through art

Former prison with a tumultuous past, the Workhouse Arts Center now serves the community and hosts the Workhouse Military in the Arts Initiative.

Published Work: Organizations offer support, connect diverse military families

“We are all humans, and we serve to protect national security,” Dane said. “And groups like ours help attract quality soldiers and keep soldiers, therefore making a better military.”

Published Work: Cyber Patriot preps military kids for tech fields

There are “burgeoning, powerful, and persistent threats that can kill our economy faster than a virus,” said Air Force veteran and STEM advocate, Mike Cullen

Published Work: From Musician, to Soldier, and back again

Okechukwu’s mother filled the family home in Dallas, Texas with church song—the genesis of his aspirations as a musician, educator, and future officer in the Army Band.

Published Work: Graduates of Youth Challenge choose career pathways

“Things worth having are earned, not given.” Michigan state director Michael Gillum

Published Work: Organization creates rally point for veterans after service.

Combined Arms is like air traffic control, serving as a conduit between service agencies and transitioning vets.

Published Work: Honoring the warrior spirit: The National American Indian Veterans Memorial

We may have been a conquered people, but we were not a defeated people, and our warriors will always rise to the call of battle.

Published Work: ROTC Instructor learned in combat

“The most powerful lesson Sgt. 1st Class Neusmith has taught is life is what you make of it and that in order to be a good leader you have to take initiate and make the change you want to see,” Yellin concluded.

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