My resolution for 25

“[God is] a bird once free”  -Josie Aslakson

Something about clocking in a quarter century in this world has me thinking even more about what life has to teach us and what I have to offer in return. I’ve learned so much over the years:

  • how to be positive and shine a light where/when it’s needed

  • how to remain resilient through unimaginable circumstances

  • how to love stronger than ever– unconditionally and without question

  • how to live fearlessly and empower others to do the same

  • how to manifest a bright future by surrendering to faith in the present

  • how to trust my intuition and thank it

I have been so consistently humbled by life’s ability to lead me to better outcomes than I could have imagined for myself. I’ve dreamed up a lot of plans that haven’t gone according to plan and taken wild detours that felt like backslides at the time. Yet, I am– now, in this present moment– the strongest, brightest, kindest version of myself I’ve ever been. I still struggle with doubt, fear, and the tough parts of learning the lessons I didn’t know I needed.

Life is challenging but so beautiful, and in exchange for all it teaches me, I have my dreams to offer it. My resolution for 25 is to BE BOLD and share these dreams– share my life in order to empower, heal, connect, and teach.

So here’s a start:

  • I want to be a published author.

  • I want to be a teacher/coach/healer.

  • I want to start a nonprofit that helps kids with disabilities.

  • I want to compete in the Paralympics.

  • I want to graduate after this 6 year college ride.

  • I want to build a happy home and family.

More than anything, I want to pour my heart and soul into all of these ventures. And if 25 years (and 2020) taught me anything, it’s that we’re all in this together so I might as well share the journey.

If you need a read, check out my poetry blog:

Much love and more to come.

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