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MODERATION — The other day, shortly after the Thanksgiving holiday I went to a cardio fitness class.  I normally go to the fitness class, but let’s face it – Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday!!!  I was speaking with instructor, just telling her of all the food I put away on my food-a-palooza day, as well as the pizza I was going to eat for dinner, and she says, “well I had a breadstick and I never do that”.

Now perhaps I took this wrong, I mean maybe she has a gluten allergy. Maybe she hates bread (do such people exist?) but I think she was meaning because it was full of carbohydrates.  So many things rushed through my mind – I LOVE BREADSTICKS.  I can eat them all day – I do not- but I could.  Of course as my mind goes I began to go through all the things I love that are not *healthy*, donuts (jelly-filled please), eggnog, PIE (LOVE pie), pasta, pizza, wine, scotch (occasionally) okay – I love a lot of foods that are not “health” foods. I mean I also LOVE salad, grilled chicken, veggies of all sorts, fruits. I never drink soda and water is my go-to, not to mention I do some sort of physical workout 3-4 times a week.   Balance and Moderation – everything in moderation.  I wanted to free my instructor from her carb prison.  I wanted to tell her; it is okay to eat a breadstick.

I read the other day, “you die once, you live every day.”  This could not be truer. Living in moderation is the key to balance – anything in excess or deficient is not good from foods – to work/play.  My kids love screen time, it serves its purpose we are living in the modern age – however do not let it replace precious moments together. Junk food, few hundred calories is not going to throw you for a loop – it is the behavior of excess that will make a difference. Stress – stress can be bad or good, a little stress will help you to be prepared to adapt, while a lot of stress can cause a breakdown of mental and physical health.

I can list many more examples of the necessity of moderation, but I will end with this.  Moderation takes self-discipline, a necessary attribute needed to act as a guide through life. What you do not moderate, and balance will resonate as excess or deficiency elsewhere. So, live like you are living, not dying. Live life in balance and practice moderation.  Above all. eat the breadstick!


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