Christmas Buttons

Christmas button tree for Eric, by Gaynor Aslakson

I had thought about making this last year when, with other buttons l collected, was inspired to make one for my son, Eric. It was an emotional piece. Each button was chosen with Eric in mind. I got a piece of an old Army blanket from Eric’s Aunt Judy. Just as l was about to glue the first button l thought about his name tape that he had given to me a few years back. The tapes fit perfectly on the 4×4 frame. I knew that it was meant to be.

Christmas button tree with antique tinsel and crystals, by Gaynor Aslakson

Once l had the buttons l was going to use-it take only a few short sessions to glue them. I did Eric’s in two sessions letting it dry a day between gluing sessions. It is difficult to find old metal buttons and they can be expensive- plus,  antique stores are hard to find. I made one with mostly rhinestone jewelry and a few out of very old tinsel garland and crystals that l love.

I have made about ten Christmas button trees in my button career, but the one I did for Eric brings me the most joy. I hope it brings Eric joy and fond memories of his Mama.








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