About Elizabeth Aslakson

Elizabeth Aslakson is a freelance writer and editor currently working as a journalist for Ameriforce media, Military Families magazine. Her work as a journalist, creative nonfiction and historical fiction writer, primarily revolves around conflict and war.

Elizabeth loves supporting whatever activity her three boys are involved in, hiking with her black German Shepherd, Bear, and being immersed in anything by Diana Gabaldon.  For now, she lives in Georgia where her husband is an active duty soldier at Ft. Gordon’s Cyber Center of Excellence. Elizabeth grew up in Cleveland but has lived throughout the United States and Europe as an Army wife. She holds a BS in Psychology through the University of Maryland and MFA in English and Creative Nonfiction Writing through Southern New Hampshire University.


My goal as a writer is to create a world from reality, connecting emotionally with readers, while providing an entertaining and unique perspective through shared experiences. Being a military spouse has defined my adulthood. Though I made the chose to marry a soldier, the military has set many parameters and conditions in my life. Nonetheless, it has been up to me deciding how to make the best of my circumstances. Everyone in some format is limited or controlled by their circumstances, mine just happens to be by the military. My experiences have made me who I am, and my unique life is what other military spouses would know and appreciate. However, my intended audience is much broader because exposing the realities of Army life reveals universal truths. By doing so, I hope to bridge the gap of understanding between the military community and the nation it serves

*Names have been changed to protect privacy.

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